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How to apply core counselling skills to digital PR

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Jane Hunt
July 7th
1:00 pm BST

Understand the value of using counselling skills in digital PR with Hannah Butcher

The webinar will cover:

Why counselling skills are useful in digital PR

You’re probably wondering how this relates to digital PR in any way, and at first glance, it doesn’t. We aren’t counsellors providing a helping relationship with a client. But here’s the thing: we do need to build authentic relationships with many stakeholders to get results for our campaigns.

Who you can use these skills with

These stakeholders may be team members, clients, creatives, developers, copywriters, journalists, sources… the list is long. That means you’ll be dealing with time poor professionals, the occasional inflated ego, people adverse to risk, and others who give you almost nothing to work with in order to make a story that they want to “go viral”.

The three core conditions

We’ll look at how we can consider the nine core counselling skills as part of our digital PR skillset, with particular attention to the three core conditions: unconditional positive regard, genuineness, empathetic understanding.

The benefits of building better relationships

The webinar will provide you with the foundations to better understand and interact with clients, team members and journalists, in order to build relationships that strengthen campaigns and improve performance.


About Hannah Butcher

Hannah is a digital marketer training to become a mental health nurse. She’s been working (mostly) agency side for 10 years and has specialised in content and digital PR. This year she completed her counselling skills diploma, and will be starting a year 2 entry to an MSc in Nursing (Mental Health) in autumn 2020. In her spare time, Hannah offers free mentoring sessions to her marketing peers, and gives people a safe space to talk in confidence. She has spoken at conferences such as BrightonSEO and the Content Marketing Show, and became Shine Bootcamp alumna in 2019.

July 7th
1:00 pm BST
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