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Cut through the digital PR bullshit

Hosted by
Jane Hunt
Alex Hickson
August 18th
1:00 pm BST

The webinar will cover:

How do you separate the good advice from the bad?

If you’re new to the digital PR / SEO industry you may get given a lot of advice, but which is worth listening to and which is just bullshit?

To find out, we will be joined by Alex Hickson who with over a year of experience in the industry will be sharing some of the well-intended advice he has been given - good and bad - and advising on how you can cut through the bullshit and learn from others.

How to promote yourself in a competitive environment

In an age where everybody could be considered an ‘influencer’, how can you promote yourself authentically to clients and peers? Alex will discuss the pressures and challenges and advise he’s seen in relation to building his personal brand.

How to navigate the first steps in your career

We’ll also explore how to take those important next steps in your digital marketing career and the importance of harnessing your individualism and applying that to campaigns. To add context, Alex will share recent career highlights and failures and what they’ve taught him and how he’s overcoming self-doubt and building his confidence in what is a challenging industry.

Who is this webinar for?

The webinar is relevant to anyone at the start of their career in the industry and will also be useful for those responsible for training and managing digital PR teams to get a feel for what it’s like for newbies starting out in the industry.


About Alex Hickson

After a year with digital marketing firm Edit, Alex Hickson has recently become a Senior Digital PR Executive with Sheffield-based, Rise at Seven. In his first year, Alex has already worked with a multitude of B2C and B2B clients delivering high standard campaigns and PR strategies, been nominated for an EU Search Award, delivered industry talks and academic lectures, and started an online series supporting furloughed digital marketing professionals through COVID-19.


August 18th
1:00 pm BST
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